NEW Molds and New 1:48 Wine Kits!

We have been busy! I've got a list so long for molds that I am dizzy with excitement! We are getting new ones done all the time. Today i got the brand new 1:48 Gingerbread man and girl mold online along with 7 brand new 1:48 wine kits!

Take a peak!


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Sarasota Dollhouse Show

I wrote this on the way home last week...

We had a fabulous trip to Sarasota Florida for the Molly Cromwell Dollhouse show. It was beautifully warm compared to our balmy 24 degrees and a foot of snow when we left. We had two lay overs, but once we got there it was well worth it. January is definitely the time to go with it being 65-80 degrees and a little humid but not too bad.

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Brand New Cake Houses!

Dan and I were brainstorming to make something fun and new for a Theme Luncheon gift At N.A.M.E. National in Charlotte last month and this is what we came up with. Dan did all the design and I the decorating. There are 25 cake houses all different and everyone was so much fun to make. In fact I couldn't stop! I wanted to add more and more and make so many more designs, which hopefully I'll get time to work on later. I've had a lot of requests for them to be available as kits, and yes they will.

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Brand New CupCake Emporium Kit!

Dan and I designed a brand new kit. It's the Cupcake Emporium. It's going to be loads of fun and come with everything you see in the picture! There will be the 5 kits to put together. The Bookshelf has cupcake cutout on the sides. All 3 table tops are made from acrylic. There will be dozens of doilies included. Also the kit comes with a complete cupcake mold making kit as well as all the bits a pieces that make all the cupcakes scene. Tutorials are included for hot to make cupcakes, roses, santa cupcakes, bunny cupcakes and scarecrow cupcakes.

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Great Falls MT Miniature Show This weekend.

The Great Falls Montana Miniature show is this weekend and I am busily getting ready for it. I'll be teaching a class as well. Please come of you get time and stop by. Here's the link to the info. Should be fun!

show info:
class info:
Here's my class project.


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New Seashell Cake

I just wanted to show my new cake. Finished it tonight and had so much fun making it. I had to make a bunch of molds to complete this one, but I can't wait to make more. This was a special order, A friend of mine went to a wedding her niece had and this was her wedding cake. I want to do many more of this style with some more color. Just exciting, I guess that's why I love miniatures! There's always something new to do!!


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