New Cupcake Mold

Well much to my excitement I finally got some cupcake molds done! I've been meaning to get them done for a while and finally had to get myself in gear due to the demand for them at the NAME Convention a couple weeks ago. I've made the mold and put this kit together, to make it fun and easy for anyone to make cupcakes.

It's designed to use with a special pick that is included in the kit. 14 different colored foils are included as well for any type of cupcake you want to make, Everything from Christmas to Easter you've got the foil for it. A punch goes with it for the foil as well as 3 completed cupcakes so you can see in person what they look like when baked. You make them, bake them and then decorate them.

I did not include frosting in the kit to keep the price down. But frosting of all colors will be available under supplies. Along with the tips to go with the frosting. You may also get all kinds of Embellishments for your cupcakes. From flowers to rhinestones.


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