Wonky Cakes

I had an email from a customer asking where my wonky cakes were, feeling very bad to not have gotten them done sooner. I've had so much fun the last 2 days working on these cakes. They take almost a day per one and before I am done, thoughts are already creeping into my brain for the next one.

Working with Sculpey is so much fun. I find it much softer than Fimo and for my purposes it works better and doesn't kill my hands. My favorite tools are the pasta roller machine, an x-acto knife and a 90 degree angle pick. These are my best friends and are used with just about everything I do.

Before a show I always get a bit stressed to get as much product done as I can, that sometimes I forget to enjoy my self, we'll this time I am doing many new products and branching out in what I am doing. Still mainly food, but I am adding my own twist to many a cake. I can't wait to get your feedback and see how they do at the NAME Convention in Seattle in a couple weeks. I hope to see many of you there. I will be posting pics from the convention all week for those who can't make it.

Also... I am very excited to be bringing you new tutorials soon, I think a teapot and a theater mask may be the first ones I do. Any thoughts would be welcome as to what you want to see a tutorial on.