Thanks to Seattle

Well I just finished my 3rd Dollhouse Miniature show in Seattle this last weekend, and as always it was a wonderful show. I taught a class the day before on how to make cupcakes and the women in the class were a joy to teach and we had a great time.

I had many new cake and cupcakes at the show this time as well as some hand done pencil drawings done by a friend of mine, Megan Zupan.They will be on the web site soon along with a variety of miniature baby geodes from Mexico. I was lucky enough to find some when I visited the Tuscan Rock and Gem show a couple weeks ago. I did a trial run to see how they would be received at the show and I couldn't believe the response! I am a rock hound myself and was so happy to see how many people knew what they were. Most sold at the show, but I saved a few out to put on the website for sale. I'll try and get more, but don't know when that will be.

I got so many wonderful ideas and requests, that I just can't wait to get home and start making mini's galore. Please check back to the site regularly for new products being listed. There will be quite a few new 1:48 mini's coming as well.

Well thank to everyone who made the show a wonderful success and a joy to do! Hope to see everyone there this July for the N.A.M.E. convention and remember if you didn't sign up, there are 2 days the sales room is open to the public.

See you soon...