Brand New Cake Houses!

Dan and I were brainstorming to make something fun and new for a Theme Luncheon gift At N.A.M.E. National in Charlotte last month and this is what we came up with. Dan did all the design and I the decorating. There are 25 cake houses all different and everyone was so much fun to make. In fact I couldn't stop! I wanted to add more and more and make so many more designs, which hopefully I'll get time to work on later. I've had a lot of requests for them to be available as kits, and yes they will. To start out with there will be a Halloween, Rainbow, Lady Bug, Candy Land, Penguin Igloo, Christmas Snowman and Lace Cake House kits. More kit designs will be added as created. We are so happy there was so much positive feedback and thanks to all who took my Theme Luncheon!

Hope you enjoy the pictures...

_DSC2006.jpg_DSC2018 - Version 2.jpg_DSC2030.jpg_DSC2040.jpg_DSC2045.jpg_DSC2049.jpg_DSC2056.jpg_DSC2078.jpg_DSC2092.jpg_DSC2098.jpg_DSC2110.jpg_DSC2128.jpg_DSC2140.jpg_DSC2145.jpg_DSC2160.jpg_DSC2175.jpgDSC_0665.jpgDSC_0674.jpgDSC_0695.jpgDSC_0703.jpgDSC_0713.jpgDSC_0722.jpgDSC_0732.jpgDSC_0739.jpg

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