Hoppy Easter Kit Card

Hoppy Easter! We are happy to bring to you our 5th kit card in time for Easter!

Hop on into the Easter Holidays with this fun new Kit Card! These little garden bunnies will be happy sitting on your mini lawns. There is even a tool caddy to store your garden tools! That's not all... There is a basket that you can quickly build and the cutest 3D printed chocolate bunnie and eggs to place inside. Just do a little painting and your all done! You collected all your Easter Eggs in time for Easter! This kit is 1:12 scale but don't let that stop you. Even if you prefer a smaller scale this one will make you and your friends smile!

There is a scan code on the back that will take you to a video on how to assemble your kit. The videos are a lot of fun!

All our Kit Cards will have a card you can fill out and write a message in. They will contain the kit inside the card. The Card will be placed inside a hard sided protected envelope, ready to ship to your recipient. This card and envelope will be mailed to you inside a bubble mailer so you can pull it out, sign the card, address the envelope and mail it. Wait that's not all!! If you want me to fill out your personal message and mail it for you I will drop ship them to your friends and loved ones!

This new kit card will start shipping March 19th. Get your order placed today so this can get to your friends in time! Perfect for grandkids too!

Assembly Video

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Price: $15.00