"14 December Drive ~ A Southwest Christmas" Kit (#2 in the December Drive Series ~ NEW!

Welcome to our 1:48 "14 December Drive, A Southwest Christmas" This is #2 in our December Drive Series.

If you missed the first one in this series here is a link. #1 12 December Drive, Christmas in Norway

In this kit you will learn how to assemble, cover and texture an 1:48 adobe house. Landscape with sand and paint lots of very detailed cacti! You have 4 little lizard critters you get to paint as well. These festive little guys make your whole scene come to life! A wooden archway sits at the front and you will learn how to paint and texture the wood to make it look weathered and old. You'll also learn how to make 1:48 garland to decorate your cactus.

The sun is setting as these festive little critters find a comfy place to sleep for the night... it's a warm Southwest Christmas...

This kit is designed to sit right next to the first one. The bases and backs are the same size. 



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Price: $125.00