1:48 "12 December Drive" Christmas in Norway Kit (#1 in the new December Drive series)

This is the first of our new December Drive series. This 6 inch by 6 inch scene is full of hidden treasures you will want to unwrap! This A frame cabin nestled in the fjords of Norway quietly sits ready for Christmas. The deer and bunny out in the snow watch as the kitty and dog inside tear open some of the Christmas presents and chase the ornaments around the tree. The beautiful Christmas tree is lit and decorated with ornaments ready for Santa to appear. Skis wait outside for the next adventure while the cardinals eat their fill. 

You will have so much fun learning how to distress wood to make it look like old fences. Painting animals and flocking them and so much more! This kit will take you step by step with dozens of photos on how to assemble and finish every single detail about 12 December Drive. This is #1 in our new December Drive series.  Each scene will be different but can be added next to this one as time goes by. 

~ house kit

~ base kit

~ outside tree kit

~ 3D printed tree kit and decorations

~ Christmas present wrapping kit

~ Christmas rug

~ 3 LEDs, battery pack, battery and shrink tubing

~ 1 Corgi dog

~ 1 kitty

~ 2 deer (1 laying & 1 standing)

~ 1 bunny

~ 2 cardinals

~ bird feeder & bird seed

~ fence supplies

~ 1 4 oz Bottle of Snow-Tex (You don't have to buy snow!)

~ set of skis, poles & boots

~ 12 December Drive sign for fence

~ color directions full of photos



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Price: $140.00