Show dates have changed!

Just wanted to make everyone aware as we find out more about shows being canceled due to Covid 19 I will be updating my website here. So please check back to make sure the show is still running if you are making plans.

Stay safe everyone and I'd love to hear from you, even if it's just to chat!


Show dates updated!

We are mixing it up a bit this year with a couple new shows! Check out the new show dates and more to come later in the year!

Sarasota Dollhouse Show

I wrote this on the way home last week...

We had a fabulous trip to Sarasota Florida for the Molly Cromwell Dollhouse show. It was beautifully warm compared to our balmy 24 degrees and a foot of snow when we left. We had two lay overs, but once we got there it was well worth it. January is definitely the time to go with it being 65-80 degrees and a little humid but not too bad.

Great Falls MT Miniature Show This weekend.

The Great Falls Montana Miniature show is this weekend and I am busily getting ready for it. I'll be teaching a class as well. Please come of you get time and stop by. Here's the link to the info. Should be fun!

show info:
class info:
Here's my class project.


Portland Dollhouse show coming soon! Oct 1st and 2nd.

Well here I am again headed to another Dollouse show. It will be first year at the Northwest Dollhouse show and I am excited! Always fun to do a new show and I love Portland. The first time I visited was on my honeymoon. We went to the zoo and that was a wonderful experience since it was my first time to a zoo. Then we went through a couple times on our way to the Oregon Coast to camp. 2 years ago we made a special trip to spend a couple days and went to Powells! Oh my!! If you love to read this huge bookstore is a must!

Denver Dollhouse Show Coming Soon!

I just wanted to remind everyone of the Denver Dollhouse show coming soon! Sept. 7-11, 2011. I'll be teaching two classes and still have some openings. #1 class is a Wonky cake and #2 is Easter Treats.

Denver is a load of fun and I can't wait to do the show and teach! See you there!!

Done with Denver

This was a wonderful show! My first year in Denver turned out to be a success. I took an all day class with Debbie Young on Thursday to do a 1:48 scale attic. It was a wonderful class. I learned a lot about distressing and antiquing wood and furniture. I didn't quite get the attic fully finished, but will do so when I get back from Seattle sometime. Here are some photo's of the class.


Teaching in Denver Colorado

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be teaching a class in Denver Colorado at the September 8-12, 2010 miniature show. The class will be about learning how to make sliceable cakes and baskets of roses. You will be taking supplies and some tools home as well as your cakes and baskets of roses you'll make.

There are 15 slots available and I was informed today that 5 are gone already. So please sign up now if you'd like to go. Here's the link for the sign up. Hope to see you all there!

Headed To Boise Idaho for a Miniature Show

Well we are yet again headed to a miniature show. This time it's in Boise Idaho. My dad lives in Boise so this gives me a wonderful chance for a visit. I've got a bunch of new products and am excited to see my fellow vendors.

Hope to see you all there!

Show Info
Date: 4/17/2010
Name: Doll House and Miniature Show
Location: Boise, ID USA
Promoter: Bobbi Hargett
Times: 10 am - 5 pm

Seattle Dollhouse Show 2010

Well it's hear again! The Seattle Dollhouse show 2010. This is my first show this year and I'd like to invite everyone who can come to come! This is a wonderful Miniature show, full of wonderful people and miniatures. I started attending this show as a vendor 3 years ago and it's one of my favorites. It's March 6th & 7th, a 2 day show in downtown Seattle, only a few blocks from the Space Needle and Pike Street Market. Seattle Dollhouse Show Here is the link to all the info on the show. It's well worth the visit and I hope to see you there!

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