1:48 She Sells Seashells Shed Kit ~ NEW!

This fun little shed kit is a wonderful little beach scene! It's got a beautiful shell pattern engraved on the shed its self. It comes with an interior shelf for all the shells and coral you find on the beach. There is the beach shed kit, the Accessories pack kit and the base kit that comes with the mermaid fountain. These are the same size as the first "She & He Shed kits" and will fit right along side them. 

The Accessory pack will come with sea shells, coral, starfish, sand dollar, clam bucket and shovel, beach umbrella, fishing net, large "Life is a Beach" sign and glass floats. The kit is a lot of fun to help fill other beach scenes you may be working on as well. 

The base kit comes with the base, sand, more shells, the mermaid fountain and the small sign for the door. 

You get a discount if you order the complete set. 

Don't forget about Sophia's Beach Chairs & Flip Flops! They work beautifully with this kit!

The companion kit to this one is the NEW "Fishing Shack on the Pier" Kit

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