Peep & Gumdrop Sugar

This no hole bead is so tiny and have the most beautiful sheen to it. It works perfectly to cover peeps and gumdrops. Anything in miniature you need to look like super fine sugar, this is it! I made the peep, poped it out of the mold and then dropped it into the sugar and shook the tiny cup to make sure the peep was coated, took it out and baked it. You could use glue to adhear it but it would need to be a very thin layer of glue so you won't loose the detail in the peeps. 

This will be sold in a small bottle. I recomend pooring it into a cup to make coating your bakery items easy. 

Almost all the no hole beads and glass glitter will be sold by the ounce. Until I know I can get more of this particular one, for now it will be sold by the bottle. 

SKU: peepsugar01
Price: $2.00