Painter's Dream Gift Set

"Painter's Dream" is a wonderful gift set for someone who enjoys painting tiny things. 
It comes with:

~ 1 silicone paint pallet
~ a set of 5 ball stylus to paint many sizes of dots
~ a set of 10 paintbrushes in various sizes
~ 1 very tiny detailed brush for tiny painting
~ My ABSOLUTE favorite glaze & wash! This does the most beautiful job of bringing out the colors and highlighting details in things you paint. It's a wash that is already mixed up for you! You get a bottle of Matte and a Bottle of Gloss! Your brushes clean up with water!
~ Don't forget the cute 3D printed kits you get to paint! You will get a Basket with Pinecones Kit and 1 set of Snowman and Boot Christmas Mugs. These are the kits you get to choose your scale in! That's right, your loved one or friend can get a gift set in their preferred scale!
~ A super cool tool pen comes with your gift too!

That's not all! Your gift comes gift wrapped for you! We will also drop ship your gift if you need! Save on shipping and let us do it for you!

(This kit is a $15 savings if you were to purchase everything separately!)

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