Tiny Tear Drop Swirl Ornament Kit ~ NEW!

This ornament is life size and really can hang on your tree! It is 3D printed and can be painted any way you'd like. You could use glass spray paints, alcohol Inks, craft glass paints or even metallic spray paints would work well. 

This is a thick walled 3D printed ornament so it has a little heft to it, so if your beloved little animal knocks it off the tree it would survive really well. We do have to consider these things, right! Lol...

The 1:12 sheep figureine from the nativity set does not come in the kit, but can be purchsed seperatly.

Silver or Gold Leaf Paint was used at the top.

This tiny swirls ornament is 3/4 of an inch tall and 1/2 inch wide. 

SKU: ornament05
Price: $13.00