Micro Tiny Super Bright LED Battery Pack Set NEW!

This wonderful set comes with 1 LED, 1 battery pack, 1 battery, shrink tubing for your wires and directions. Everything you need to light your scene. Multiple LEDs can be hooked up to one battery pack! 


These fantastic LEDs are amazing and you will love them! They are so darn tiny and so very bright! It's a white light but if you need it red or slightly yellowed you can easily paint the top of the LED with glass paints or alcohol inks and that does the trick perfectly! Once you use these you will never go back to anything else. The leads are almost 16 inches long and can easily be trimmed. We use these LEDs to light our lit 1:48 Lamps! I use them in all the cake house kits and so much more. 

The leads are very thin which are amazing to get into tiny places and easy hide. A set of wire strippers from Amazon will make your life so easy to strip the coating off of these if you want to trim them down. If you don't want to trim the leads they come stripped and ready to go!

Jonard ST-450 Wire Strippers

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Price: $5.00