Complete Set of 6 Dark Frostings

This is a special frosting I use with my cakes and cupcakes. It's water soluble and washes very easily off your hands, but will dry out with time, so just keep it covered when your not using it. It's a 1"x 2" bottle with a screw cap. This set comes with black, chocolate brown, dark purple, dark orange, dark green and red frosting, 7 syringes, (one for the frosting and one to clean your tips out with) popsicle stick to put the frosting into the syringe with and 6 tips, 3-20 gauge and 3-22 gauge.

This is very easy to use and you only need water to clean up with. Also it air dries in about 5-25 minutes depending on how thick. It goes a long ways, doesn't take much to decorate.

Colors may very slightly due to mixing these in batches.

Extra Supplies:
Star Tips
Straight Tips
Extra Syringes

Brand New! Frosting Caps you can order to keep your frosting in your syringes fresh and unusable for up to 2 years!

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