1/6 Scale Deviled Egg Mold or Platter Kit (11.5 inch Doll Size) NEW!

This is a 1/6 scale Deviled Egg Mold. This scale is for Barbie Doll Size. 

The mold is silicone and comes with detailed directions on how to use it and what clays to use. The mold can be baked in the oven and you can use resins instead of clay in the mold. 

You will need Clay Softener and a Flexible Poly Blade.


You can also choose the 3D printed Egg platter and it comes in clear resin. You need to sand the support points off just a tiny bit. This kit comes with directions on how to make it colored or clear. 

You get 1 platter with this listing and it is 1/6 scale which is Barbie Scale.

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