1:12 Country Pie Mold NEW!

This is a brand new 1:12 pie mold! Making lattice pies has NEVER been easier!!!! I will show you how to make multiple pies with an ADORABLE Pie Recipe Book! This kit will come with the clay and no hole beads you need to get you started! 

*** It does not come with the Raspberry and Blueberry sauce that is recommended in the directions. You might want to order that if you don't have it. Makes these pies so quick and easy!***

This mold is made out of baking grade silicone and can be used in the oven and with resins. 

We also have a NEW Pecan Mold that has a pecan pie top to be used with this mold!

You will need a Flexible Poly Blade to trim the pecan pie in the middle. 

To make a perfect center for the pie with the crust along the outside edge you will need a 5/8" Round Kemper Tool.

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