Complete Cupcake Emporium Kit

It's finally here! A brand new cupcake shop! It's full of so much fun you won't be able to stand it!

This kit contains:

Cupcake Bakery Stand
~ all the doilies you see in the pictures come with it

Display stand
~ come with shells, starfish, glass balls, plates and doilies for plates, butterflies, doilies and cupcake boxes

Prep Table and all the fixings
~ glass bowl, pre-made frosting bag and tip, knife, spoons, boxes, tubes and caps for jars, butterflies

Table and Chairs
~ plate with roses on it, doilies, plates and doilies for plates, spoons, napkins and cups

Cupcake Small Display Table
~ table kit, cupcake stand kit, with sparkle flashing and gems for center

This kit also comes with
~ frosting kit
~ Colored Rose Tutorial
~ Colored Santa Cupcake Tutorial
~ Colored Bunny Tutorial
~ Colored Scarecrow Tutorial
~ Cupcake Mold kit and colored Tutorial (includes foils, pick tool, cupcake mold, sample cupcakes and 2 plates)
~ Base, back and Cupcake and Floor to attach to it
~ All the pieces to make the cupcakes includes glitters, glass glitters, no hole beads, flowers, canes of snowman's, cherry, bunny ears, candy corn, scarecrow hats, butterflies and so much more!

This kit is a blast! And you learn so much. You will need Liquid Scupley for the cupcakes and the frosting star tip is a really fun accessory. Everything else is in the kit!

Star Tip
Liquid Scupley

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