O Tannenbaum Kit Card

This is our 3rd in our series with Kit Card called "O Tannenbaum". This picture was one we took in Regensburg Germany while there for the Christmas Markets a couple years ago. 

The kit inside this card is something completely different! These are Christmas light toppers. Quick to assemble, when your done you can just pop them on your Christmas lights! One is a humming bird feeder and has 4 acrylic humming birds, one on each side. The second light topper is a Christmas tree with an acrylic star on top. These are so much fun and perfect for your Christmastree! 

Why we designed our new line of kit cards...

The purpose of these Kit Cards is to spread cheer to everyone and anyone! These are designed to be easy for anyone to assemble, miniaturist and non miniaturist alike. The first ones released will be Christmas Cards. Others will come like "Birthday" Kit Cards, "Get Better Soon" Kit Cards, "Thinking of You" Kit Cards and more Holiday cards!

All our Kit Cards will have a card you can fill out and write a message in. They will contain the kit inside the card. The Card will be placed inside a hard sided protected envelope, ready to ship to your recipient. This card and envelope will be mailed to you inside a bubble mailer so you can pull it out, sign the card, address the envelope and mail it. Wait that's not all!! If you want me to fill out your personal message and mail it for you I will drop ship them to your friends and loved ones!

Hope you enjoy this new idea!

Assembly Video



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