Hollow Snowman Kit ~ 4 sizes ~ NEW!

These are 3D printed Hollow Snowman that are available in 4 sizes. Imagine them with adorable scarfs!!!!

Large is just under 6 inches

Medium is just under 4 inches

Small is just under 2 inches 

Mini is 1 inch tall. 

They are so darn cute. They can easily be spray painted white and then left as is, or flocked or even covered in glitter. What ever your heart desire is to finish the outside. The hat, eyes, carrot nose and arms are easy to paint with acrylic paints.

There is 2 rooms, the bottom floor and the top floor. 

All snowman will have a hole at the floor levels for lighting if you want to run LED's through it. The large snowman does have a compartment for a battery pack underneath. The other 3 sizes do not. 

There are so many wonderful things you can put in these! The large snowman can even hold the 1:12 Nativity set of figurines. 

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