1:48 Large Christmas Grab Bag NEW!

The grab bags are going to be really fun this year! They can contain a mixture of discontinued kits, 3D items with may have one broken piece but the rest is usable! Doilies that might have an issue but can be cut up and used in projects, seconds that may not have come out perfect but are still usable, molds with a bubble that are still wonderful to use, but not perfect to sell at retail value, clay, tools and so much more! Every Grab bag is different and we will not guarantee every bag has these items listed but there is a high likely hood they will.

We have so much good stuff to put in them that we are only selling the large ones this year!

Sneak Peek! Every Grab bag comes with the cool new pen we just got in the mail! It's a tool pen, it writes, is a ball stylus, has a screwdriver, leveler and ruler! All in 1!

SKU: grabbag02
Price: $40.00