1:12 Every Bunny Loves Spring Kit NEW!!!

Welcome to our Brand New Kit! This 1:12 scene is all things Easter & Spring! It's full of bunnies, chicks, eggs and Easter goodies to eat! It also comes with 4 Brand New Molds!!!

There is a Jelly Bean Mold, Easter Treats Mold, Tart Mold and Fruit Mold for tarts! That's almost $100 worth of molds that comes with this kit.You will learn how to use all the molds. Each one comes with it's own directions. The foods you make will be used on the 3 tier pre~painted metal display and the glass cake plate, both come with doilies to make them nice and fancy. You get all the clays and frostings to decorate all your foods. 

You will learn how to apply grass to scenes and what to do to make it not flake off. You will paint and assemble a wonderfully designed whicker shelf. Learn how to paint the 3D printed bunnies, chicks and eggs. 

There is so many wonderful things in this kit from the egg shaped vases to the bird nest on top. The Bunny candy Dish holding jelly beans to the bunny butt cupcakes. So many hidden treasures. 

That's still not all! You also get a wonderful glass Egg Dome to keep it protected and dust free!

Class will be held on May 20th at 9-5 Mountain Time through Zoom if your interested in taking the class. Click here for the class info.

Hope you can join us! If you can't make the class then feel free to sign up and you will get the class video to follow along with within a few days of class being taught! Or just buy the kit if you want to work on your own.

You will need an oven for baking the clay in the molds. 

Other items you will need that I sell are: Flexible Poly Blade Loctite Super Glue  & Ball Stylus

***One other thing I will be talking about in the kit is a Woodland Scenics product to keep your greenery from flaking off. Here is a link to order it if you want to give it a try. I absolutely LOVE it! There is a special spray bottle that I carry (the one on Amazon is an older version of the bottle and does not work as well), so please order the bottle from me. 

This will be shipped in a large Priority box because of the Large Glass Dome, FREE shipping too!

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Price: $275.00