1:48 Montana Homestead House Class ~ March16, 2024

Welcome to our newest class the Montana Homestead House. This little 1:48 house is a fun little house to construct! In class you will learn how to paint and assemble the house, assemble double hung windows and learn some Montana and Stewart family history while building it. You should be able to get the house done in class. There will be very detailed, color directions on how to finish the base and all the furniture inside. 

This house is a combination of the original Stewart family Homestead house and our old house from the 1900's that was moved to town from an old homestead. We hope you will join us for a day of fun in Montana!

The base kit that's included will come with the base, windmill, water trough, water pump, outhouse, 2 bales of hay and fencing with barbed wire. You will need to provide the dirt, grass and water. 

The interior kit includes everything shown in the photos except for the tiny red beads in the canning jars. 

Class will be held through Zoom on Saturday March 16th. I will give you a list of supplies needed ahead of time and if you miss a class day it will all be recorded and a class link will be ready within a week.

This class includes the house kit, the base, windmill kit & accessories kit, AND the interior furniture kit. 


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Price: $235.00