1:12 Dragon's Treasure Cake Class - January 6,2024

This is a brand new class on how to build a slidable cake with gold frosting inside. This kit will come with UV resin so you can learn how to make a pool of lava that is lit with a red LED to make it glow. There are real quartz crystals included as well. A 3D printed dragon will guard her treasure on top of the cake, including her glowing purple egg, lit with a purple LED. This will be a really fun new cake to make and you will likely finish it in class. 

Class will be held through Zoom on Saturday January 6th. I will give you a list of supplies needed ahead of time and if you miss a class day it will all be recorded and a class link will be ready within a week. You will need a UV Flashlight. I do sell a large flashlight and small flashlight. Either one would work great. 


SKU: class42
Price: $145.00