Magical Castle Train Ride Class ~ June 17, 2023

This is a really neat kit of Volker Arnolds that he designed special for us and we put our own little spin on. Join us for this fun class to paint and assemble this kit, add rocks, landscaping, lighting and water!

It is a replica of the Harry Potter Castle and Bridge that actually exists in Scotland between Fort Williams and Mallaig. (the bridge exists, not the castle ;-) Lol...

There will not be directions for this class, but if you miss class you will have the video to use as an example and follow along. 

Class will be held on June 17th at 9-5 Mountain Time through Zoom. I'll send you a class link 1 week before class along with a list of paints and glue you will need for class. Everything else will be included in your kit. 

You have 3 sizes to choose from. 

Large one is 7 1/4 inches wide and is the one shown in the photos. (1/2000 scale)

Medium one is 3 3/4 inches wide. (1/4000 scale)

Smallest one is 2 3/8 inches wide. (1/5000 scale)

Each kit comes with Lighting kits. The largest one will come with the continues lighting wrapped in the back like you see in the photos. 

The smaller 2 kits will come with 3 warm/light LEDs and our battery pack system.(I will not have the Warm LED's to ship with this kit for another month, so will ship the class kits for the smaller 2 models after the LEDs arrive.)


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