"Red Velvet Romance" Cake House Class~ February 27, 2021

This brand new Cake House kit is called "Red Velvet Romance.” We wanted to do something different this month and here it is! It’s a little bit bigger than the traditional cake houses we have been offering. The table, chairs and accessories in the inside are actually 1:48 this time. So if you want to use a cake or tea set or anything in 1:48 instead of what’s provided you sure can! Everything you see will come with your kit! 2 side tables, table and chairs, vases  plates, wine bottle and glasses, cupcakes and cookies, so many fun tiny goodies.

We have lots of different elements. We have velvet grass in this one. The outside second tier is a rose garden with an adorable trellis for your roses. There is 2 lights in this one too. The rose on top is a 3D printed one and lites up. The table in the inside is your second light. The candle is attached and part of the table and the wiring will run through the middle and out the bottom. I will be teaching you how to make a wick out of clay for the candle, it’s really easy and fun!

The cute flowers on the outside are actually made out of heart sequins and you will love this process of making these. There is so many fun goodies in this kit!!

But that’s NOT ALL! We have a huge surprise! Dan has finished and designed, wait for it………………a 1:48 ROSE MOLD! It’s beautiful and you will love it! This brand new mold will come with your kit!!! I just know your going to be as excited as me about this! You will be making 1:48 roses and leaves in class with this mold. The 1:12 roses will still be supplied for you. 

This class will be online on February 27th 8am-5pm Mountain Time through Zoom. I will send you a link to be able to follow a week before class. If you can’t make the class date then it’s ok! You can still view the class video later and I will email a link when the class is over within a week. Your kit will come complete with directions on how to do exactly what I show you as well. 

If you join the Cake House Club you will receive the 1:48 Rose mold free with class! By signing up for the Cake House Club you are committing to the remaining classes. You can check the schedule out here. Cake House Club

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Price: $145.00