"Critter Hollow" Cake House Class ~September 11, 2021

This class will be online on September 11, 8am-5pm Mountain Time through Zoom. I will send you a link to be able to follow a week before class. If you can’t make the class date then it’s ok! You can still view the class video later and I will email a link when the class is over within a week. Your kit will come complete with directions on how to do exactly what I show you in class. 

This brand new Cake House kit is a cake on the outside and a hollow on the inside! It stands about 6 1/2" tall and about 3" deep depending on the wood cut for the base which could vary slightly. 

It comes with everything you see in the photos including a brand new Mushroom Mold! ($20 value)

**** If you sign up there may not be time to get the kit to you in time for class, but you can still attend class and the video will be available within a week after class****

Items included:

~ Large Bear for base

~ Natural wood base with cutout for lighting

~ 3 tiny bears (1 mama with fish, 1 climbing baby bear and 1 baby bear with honey pot)

~ 2 squirrels

~ 6 1:24 acorns

~ 6 1:48 acorns

~ mushroom mold

~ clay needed for the entire kit

~ LEDs to light the Acorn Chandelier and the glowing eyes in the cave

~ Tons of laser cut leaves in 3 colors

~ Walpaper

All you will need is the acrylic paints, craft clay machine, oven the bake the clay, tweezers, X-Acto Blade and glue. I like Aleene's Tacky and Loctite Super Glue Gel. 


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Price: $145.00