" Independence Celebration" Cake House Kit NEW!

Welcome to Independence Celebration! This one has 4th of July written all over it!

This new cake house sits on a picnic table base with a gingham table cloth on top. Tiny little ants are climbing to see what’s in the picnic basket! There is a Gazebo in the inside with a 4th of July summer park background and the little picnic basket. You go into the second tier and it’s covered in clouds and the gazebo roof has an eagle on top. Up on the top of the cake is your fireworks celebration at night… The whole thing lights up and you have sprays of stars everywhere you want to put them! There is no frosting on this one and the edges are covered with Bunka thread. The cake fondant is an American Flag. Stripes on the bottom and stars on top. AND… there is awesome templates to help you do this part quickly and perfectly!

Join us for this summer celebration making minis!

You can purchse with a preformed structure if you'd like. 

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