"Mermaid Cove" Cake House Kit NEW!


Welcome to “Mermaid Cove”! This is our brand new cake house kit! This cake house was soooooo much fun and you can be so creative while doing it! I have a couple brand new techniques to teach you and this one is quite a bit different. You will get LOTS of tiny fun goodies to decorate with too! You will learn how to make coral with frosting and how to make “gram-cracker sand”. It comes with 3D printed ship wreck, Ahoy Matties kitty, lit treasure chest and a shell lamp for the middle of your cove. There is a mermaid scale base that you will use a special fun technique to paint. 

This will come with the complete lighting kit to lite both the shell lamp and the treasure chest. 

Detailed color directions with LOTS of photos to help you along come with this kit as well. It's like a class in a box. You will get 5 of flags to choose from in your kit! So if you don’t want the Jolly Roger you have choices, including my favorite a pirate kitty flag. 

A second bathing pirate kitty is available for purchase. 


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