"Birthday" Cake House Kit

Welcome to "Birthday Cake House”! This cake house is a festive Birthday Cake House that is a cake on out outside and a tiny house on the inside full of presents! It's a party waiting to happen. 

It comes with everything you see in the photos. I will show you how to decorate the cake on the outside and make the tiny cake for the top. You will have a really fun kit to make all the presents. There is a bow chandelier in the inside that lights the interior and a candle coming out of the cake on the outside that is also lit. The base is a wrapped present and the lighting is hidden underneath. It comes with 30 or more flowers already made and ready for you! All the laces, trims and bunting. This is the perfect cake to make your own! Feel free to change the color scheme, it's super easy to do! 

This kit comes with almost everything you need to complete this kit except for the basic paints and supplies. 

You will need a 1:12 Star Tip which you can order here if you don't have one. 

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