"Dolce de Venice" Cake House Kit

Welcome to "Dolce de Venice”! This cake house kit is a Venetian Cake House that has water canals around 2 layers with gondolas to place in the water too!

It comes with the Lion statue that sits in Venice, a fainting couch, 3 platers on marble stands and a winding staircase and 2 gondolas!!!! All new items! You will learn how to use a mold for the Pillar layer. A rock wall for the second layer and a Venetian sunset for the bottom layer. 

This kit comes with everything you need to complete this Cake House except for the basic paints and supplies. It does come with the water to poor for the canals. So you don't need to buy any. 

There is a lighting kit and a flower chandelier that is lit in the inside. The Bottom level is designed to be flooded so it's at water level. Like the real streets of Venice. This kit comes with very detailed directions on how to do each and every stage of this kit. 

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