"Halloween" Cake House Kit

This is a fabulous kit, full of fun! The 3 Tier Cake house is designed to be a 1:12 cake on the outside and will fit a special line of furniture. Available online as well.

Please take note: There is an option to order the cake house preformed or you can do it your self. If you do it yourself, soaking the pieces in water is required, but easy to do. Directions with with kit explaining how to do this. The picture below that is only wood is for the preformed cake house.

The kit comes with:
~ cake house
~ cake house base
~ pre laser cut template to cut out fondant
~ floors and ceilings all laser cut
~ precut wallpapers for all walls
~ clay to fondant your cake house
~ Liquid Sculpey
~ orange frosting, with syringe
~ green & Black frosting in syringe (for vines) with frosting tip
~ stir stick for frosting and directions
~ bats
~ 2 cats
~ 2 black spiders
~ mixture of orange and chocolate roses and rose buds
~ 3 sizes of spider webs!
~ pre-made pumpkins too!
~ door knob
~ Table, 2 chairs and bench kit for interior
~ Spider Chandelier with LED Lighting, battery and battery pack!

A super fun kit! You just bake the clay, decorate and decorate some more! There's are color directions to guide you as well.

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