Birch Tree Wedding Cake Kit NEW!

In this kit you will learn how to create a Birch Tree affect in clay. The cake you will build will be sliceable if you so choose. There will be 3 different toppers available. The one you see on the cake, one with cats and one with a cat and a dog. If you don't want the animals you can easily trim them off the sides and just have the couple in the middle. Even if you've never made miniature cakes or worked with clay you will really enjoy this class. 

The kit comes with all the supplies needed to make this cake. 

You will need a craft clay machine, Ball Stylus (I have included a link if you don't have a set).

The wood base for the cake comes with the kit but may look different than the photo since all of them are not identical as they are real wood. 


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Price: $70.00