1:12 Wedding Cakes Kit

This is a wonderfully detailed kit on how to make 3 tiered wedding cakes that are sliceable in 1:12 scale! It comes with beautiful high quality photo's and directions.

I do recommend getting the 1:12 Star tip that is not included.
1:12 Star Tip
Also a very handy tool is the Poly Blade.
Poly Blade

Included in kit:
~ magic cake mix
~ set of round cutters
~ pick tool
~ Polymer clay
~ frosting, syringes and small needle tips for fine design work
~ no hole beads
~ cake plates
~ 6" ruler
~ color directions with detailed photo's
~ pillars for the tiers
~ rose directions

You will need a pasta roller for clay, cooker oven, tacky glue and a X-Acto blade.

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Price: $65.00