1:12 Harlequin Wonky Cake Kit

This is an amazing kit and it comes with everything you see in the photo's!

Ever wanted to make your own wonkey cakes in miniature? Here's your chance! This is a complete kit right down to the liquid Scupley! Very detailed directions on how to build a wonky cake from scratch with lots of high quality color photo's included.

Included in kit:
~ a 3D printed cake stand that is pre painted gold
~ magic cake mix
~ set of complete metal cake cutters
~ 6 colors of polymer clay to work with
~ no hole beads
~ pattern templates to make pressed designs
~ diamond making template
~ set of 4 pearl powder colors
~ a fabulous Poly Blade as well
~ pick tool
~ feathers and tinsel
~ fluer-de-lis mold kit
~ gold and read laser cut hearts
~ Liquid Sculpey
~ clear plastic work matt
~ laser cut masks
~ detailed color directions and photos!
You will need a pasta roller for clay, cooker oven, tacky glue and a X-Acto blade.

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Price: $100.00