25 Sparkly Bunka Thread Colors

219 Colors of Bunka Thread total! Brand NEW!
This is for the sparkly colors. Check out the other colors on separate listings.

This is 219 colors of Bunka thread!! You mind will be amazed at the selection and variety available. I carry all the colors on the chart.
The way it is sold is per bobbin. If you buy 25 bobbins of Bunka you get a free bobbin carry case. The bunk will be shipped in the case.
Each bobbin has about 84" of Bunka thread wound on it. That will change a slightly per spool.

If you haven't used Bunka before it's amazing stuff. You pull the bottom of the thread to make a super cute squiggly thread. Can be used for dolls hair, clown hair, lace, edging on dresses, hats and so many more applications!

Each color with come with a label with a number so you know what colors you have and can re-order as needed. It's super easy!

*Sorry #113, #116, #117, #119, #125, #129 & #133 are no longer available*

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Price: $1.25