QC Silver Jubilee Cake House Kit (QC Special)

This is a really fun new cake house kit! It's a celebration of 25 years that the Quarter Connection has been in existence. 25 years of friends and fun! Learn how to build this little cake house with the detailed, color directions included. There are 3D printed balloons, dollhouse, tiny trees and a special commemorative vase that says "Quarter Connection 1999-2024" There is also a set of mylar balloons saying "25". The tiny dollhouse gift in the inside can be lit with the complete lighting kit that's included. 

You will need some basic tools, paints, a toaster oven or stove, craft clay machine to roll out clay, tacky glue, Loctite Super Glue Gel and some friends to make it with! Your kit will come with all the clay and frosting needed. If you do not have a 1:12 Star tip you might want to get one of those. It will make the very pretty star design in your frosting and the tip is reusable for years to come. If you do not want a star tip a larger straight frosting tip will be included that you can use instead. 

We hope you enjoy this special Silver Jubilee QC Birthday Cake!


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