Octochef The Oceanic Baker Cake Kit ~ NEW!

Welcome to my newest creation! Octochef and I have been busy making this beautiful cake for you to enjoy! In this fun kit you will be learning som new and super cool skills! You will build a 1:12 cake from clay that is sliceable. This cake will have 3 layers of cake and frosting in each tier. You will learn how to build an underwater scene made out of UV resin. Your kit will come with a bottle of UV resin to accomplish this. You will work step by step to build your underwater scene learning as you go about this wonderful product. A real dried sea urchin is the cave you will use on this level. You will get a 3D printed Octochef that I will show you how to paint. Each ocotpus will come out with its own personality! Acrylic cake plates will be used to place your cake on and the tiny little French Macaron clams you will create. Sooooooo cute... you can almost eat them! This kit comes with the Small Sea Turtle Mold and the 1:12 French Macaron Mold. (total of $40 value in molds alone) If you already own these molds please let me know and you can choose replacement molds of equal value. Everything you see in the photos comes with the cake kit. Detailed directions and tons of color photos will make this kit enjoyable and fun. One thing you do need to order separately is the UV cure Light. We love this one and feel it's a good value and is rechargeable. You can get it on Amazon. 

***This kit will come with Round Cake Cutters and 5/8" Round Kemper Cutter. If you already have these let me know and I will give you extra fun goodies instead***

If you don't want to put the cake on Octochef's head then you don't have to! The skills learned in this class will open doors to all kids of fun cakes! 

Ball Stylus

Flexible Poly Blade

White Paint

Terra Cotta

Satin Varnish

Gloss Varnish

Loctite super Glue Gel

Tackey Glue

UV Cure Light From Amazon

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Price: $145.00