1:48 Birdhouse Bluff House & Furniture Kits - #3 Cutting


A little house, that tells a little story, about a happy couple and their birds…

Welcome to our first 1:48 house. Some friends and I came up with this idea 2 years ago at our annual “girl’s week” on Martha’s Vineyard. We had had a couple drinks that night and thought this was a grand idea, but by morning it still seemed like a grand idea so we decided to go for it! For years we had seen this wonderful “Pink Birdhouse House” (our name for it at the time), in the iconic Campground at Oak Bluffs. We thought why not try and replicate it in miniature?

We went on a mission to get more photos of the house so we could accurately represent the outside. Maybe secretly hoping we would get to see the inside, but not wanting to intrude. It took us a while to find the Pink Birdhouse House, because sadly, the birdhouses were no longer on the outside anymore and it looked totally different. We met a neighbor on the street and asked her why the birdhouses were gone and she told us the owner had died a couple of years before and the bird houses were never put back out since her passing. Indeed, a sad thing to hear but we were so grateful we had seen all the beautiful birdhouses over the years and her wonderful house in all of it’s glory. We took the  pictures we needed of the outside of the house and dug up all the ones we had taken over the years of the birdhouses decorating the porch– and hence “Birdhouse Bluff” was born.

Our idea was that Dan would design and  build the house while Robin Betterley would design the furniture and artwork for the inside of the house. Dan would also fill in with the 3D printed items that were needed to complete the look we wanted. Sue Thomas was our tester, Martha’s Vineyard house expert and she also provided the drinks. By the next year at girls week we had house prototype kits to work on! It was so exciting and fun to build this with friends and work out the kinks. Birdhouse Bluff will always hold a special place in my heart because of the memories of working on this house on Martha’s Vineyard with my dear friends.

I am really happy we get to preserve that memory of walking by the “Pink Birdhouse House” through Birdhouse Bluff and I hope you all will get as much enjoyment out of this little house as we did. Designing it, and building it… It was a joint project of love…

We have had so much interest in this kit we are taking pre orders for cutting #3.

The base comes with everything you see in the photos plus 2 rockers switches to install on the sides of the base for easy access to turn your lights on. 2 street lamps and the shed will be lit and comes with the base kit. If you want the lighting kit for the porch and house that is separate. 

We are sure you will love this little house as much as we do!

The 3 main colors you will use in this kit is Folkart Blue Echo, Ceramcoat Hydrangea Pink & Titanium White. You can order them here if you don't have them or don't have access to a good paint selection. 

*** Want to light your house? We have you covered. I have a lighting kit that will have instructions if you want to light the inside. It will include 6 interior ceiling light fixtures, 2 porch/exterior ceiling light fixtures, 10 WARM light LEDs (2 can be used for the lamps included in the bedroom and living room kits), battery pack and battery.***


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