Nativity Set of 12 Figurines Kit ~ In 3 Scales ~ NEW!

This nativity set of 12 figurines is wonderful! They can be painted with color or like the stone you can see in all the photos. I took pictures with my finger so you can see the side of each of them.  The detail is wonder even in the 1:48 ones. I am not sure you would want to attempt color on the 1:48 ones. Probably painted them to look like stone, white marble or gold would be best. They are very tiny!

These will fit into Volker Arnolds Nativities. 

The colored set in the picture is the 1:12 set.

They are small enough to fit on mantles in all scales. The 1:12 would even work for lawn ornaments on a 1:48 scene!

1:12 Set: tallest is 1/2 inch tall

1:24 Set: tallest is 1/4 inch tall

1:48 Set: tallest is 5/32 inch tall

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