NAME's 50th Anniversary- Champagne Celebration Kit NEW!

This Champagne Celebration kit is elegant, yet easy to assemble and paint. This kit comes with a table laser cut out of basswood, beautiful fancy doily, a 3D printed Champagne bottle, ice bucket and Champagne flutes, and ice for your bucket. Detailed directions and photos will come with this kit on how to assemble your table, paint your bottle and bucket and apply the label to your bottle. Don’t want to assemble it yourself? That’s ok, we are offering this celebration scene already completed as well, so all you have to do is glue it into your scene!

If you are doing the NAME 50th Display then this is designed to perfectly fit in the large middle center section.

***I used Meadow Alcohol Ink to paint the Champage bottle. The Gold Liquid Leaf Paint worked beautifully for the tops of the bottles too. Silver Leaf Paint was used for the Ice Buckets. If you need any of these you can order them here. They worked wonderfully!***

*** The 1:12 Kit is flat in the back so it fits into your NAME Day box, if you want the version that is completely round please put so in the comments, but the round version will not fit into the NAME Day Box, but is beautiful in other scenes.***

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