1:48 Chicks Or Bunnies Kit

These adorable tiny chicks are 3D printed and come ready to paint then trim off the supports. There is 4 in a set.

The chicks are 5/32" (4mm) tall by 7/64" (2.8mm) wide. 

The Bunnies come in a set of 3 (you get 1 of each style of bunny) and are also 3D printed and come reay to paint. 

The tall bunny is 15/32" (11.75mm) tall to tips of ears by 11/64" (4.4mm) wide.

The bunny sitting on all 4 legs is 3/8" (9.7mm) tall to tips of ears by 3/16" (5mm) wide.

The tiniest baby bunny is 17/64" (6.6mm) tall to tips of ears by 9/64" (3.6mm) wide.

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