1:48 Wine Barrel kit

These 3D printed 1:48 Barrels are just adorable! There are 4 sizes. So it depends on what you use them for and where you want to place them. They will be completely hollow which is wonderful if you want to put something in it! The lid fits inside the top just perfectly.
The price is for 1 barrel.

sizes are~
extra large: 23/32" width by 3/4" height (18.7mm by 19.7mm)
large: 9/16" width by 3/4" heigth (14.3mm by 19.7mm)
medium: 31/64" width by 1/2" height (12.2mm by 13.1mm)
small: 3/8" width by 1/2" hight (9.6mm by 13.1mm)

You paint with acrylic paints and let dry. It's that easy!

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