1:48 Cherry Pie Shop

This is a wonderful kit that is the cutest 1:48 Pie shop. It's the size of a real life piece of pie!

The kit comes with all the clay you need, fun templates to make your job so easy! It comes with 5 furniture kits, 18 3D printed Pie filling jars, a 3D fork for your roof, laser cut laces, wallpapers, laser cut parquet floor, pie box kits, and a brand new Pie mold!

The Pie mold has a special recipe book inside the mold kit to make all kinds of pies!

You won't want to miss this kit! Perfect end to a beautiful summer! End it with a piece of Pie!

Silver Leaf Paint to paint the fork and jar labels and lids

SKU: 1:48pieshop
Price: $90.00