1:48 Cupcake Emporium Kit

It's finally here in Quarter Inch! It's full of so much fun you won't be able to stand it! It comes with $42.00 worth of molds.

This kit contains:

Cupcake Bakery Stand
~ all the doilies you see in the pictures come with it

Display stand
~ come with shells, 3D printed vase, plates, doilies, cupcake boxes and 2 roses

Prep Table and all the fixings
~ pan, 3D printed vase and doilies

Table and Chairs
~ plate, doilies, napkins and cups and kit for napkin holder

Cupcake Small Display Table
~ table kit, cupcake stand kit, with sparkle flashing for center

This kit also comes with
~ frosting kit
~ Colored Rose Tutorial
~ Colored Santa Cupcake Tutorial
~ Colored Bunny Tutorial
~ Colored Scarecrow Tutorial
~ Cupcake Mold, flower chocolate mold and sucker mold
~ Base, back and Cupcake and Floor to attach to it
~ All the pieces to make the cupcakes includes glitters, no hole beads, candies, and so much more!

This kit is a blast! And you learn so much. It comes with a pick tool Weldbond glue too!

SKU: 1:48emporium01
Price: $90.00