Green .50-.75 S

This is for 1 ounce and will come in a sealed 3x3 zip top baggie. Each bead is measured in millimeters. 

These are no hole beads and can be used for a huge variety of ideas. Some of them could be decorations for food, cakes, cavier, buttons for dresses and clothes, door knobs for cupboards and closets, necklaces for jewlery. The ideas are endless. We have sizes for all scales and projects you might want to do. 

Each No Hole Bead will have a finish on it. Below is a list of what each finish means. 

W - Surface Colored (not resistant)

WI - Surface Colored Pearl (not resistant)

WS - Base Coating Silver + surface colored (not resistant)

L - Surface colored (solvent resistant coating)

LS - Base Coating Silver + surface colored (solvent resistant coating)

LA - Base Coating Aluminum + surface colored (solvent resistant coating)

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