New Seashell Cake

I just wanted to show my new cake. Finished it tonight and had so much fun making it. I had to make a bunch of molds to complete this one, but I can't wait to make more. This was a special order, A friend of mine went to a wedding her niece had and this was her wedding cake. I want to do many more of this style with some more color. Just exciting, I guess that's why I love miniatures! There's always something new to do!!


Finally Caught Up!

Well I got back from the Portland show and was hit with orders. I finished the last one this morning!! It feels great to be caught up. All I have left is some special orders from Portland and then I hope to work on some new products and a tutorial. I've had a couple requests, but I am going to start with Melting Snow Man Cookies. I made these before the Denver show and they were a hit! I am very excited to share with you the in's and out's of making them.

Well back to work for me... ;-)

Some New Teddy Bear Cakes.

I was working on some new cakes for Seattle this weekend and this is what I came up with. They were a blast! Can't wait to get feed back this weekend.


Teddy Bear Picnic

Sleepy Time Bear

1:24 inch cake w/Flower Bear

New heart cake platters

I just got in these really nice new platters in the mail today and was very excited to work them into a class I am teaching on cakes next June in Great Falls, MT. I came up with a small heart cake on a this platter. It's a 1:12 scale set and I put them on the web site for order. There are 3 colors so far, blue, pink and purple.

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