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doilie120 Antique Laser Cut Shell Doily #120 $2.00
doilie108 Antique Laser Oval Doily #108 $2.00
doilie63 Antique Laser Oval Doily #63 $2.50
doilie64 Antique Laser Oval Doily #64 $3.00
doilie55 Antique Laser Place Mat Doily #55 $2.00
doilie76 Antique Laser Place Mat Doily #76 $2.00
doilie110 Antique Table Runner #110 $3.50
doilie111 Antique Table Runner #111 $3.50
doilie112 Antique Table Runner #112 $3.50
doilie114 Antique Table Runner #114 $4.50
3d37 Ball Canning Jar Mugs in all Scales! $0.00
mold63 Barn Star Mold with 3 scales Brand $26.00
mcupcake39 Baseball Cupcakes $12.00
mbaskf02 Basket of Colored Roses $12.00
mcupcake40 Basketball Cupcakes $12.00
pykit07 Bast Cat Statue $9.00
m1-48swc08 Birthday Cake with Blue Roses and Candle $22.00
m1-48teaset04 Black & White Tea Set $28.00
msup09 Black Frosting $8.00
doilie142 Black Laser Cut Doily #142 $2.00
musiccake06 Black Music Note Cake $30.00
nohole04 Black Pearl 1.1mm no-hole Beads $2.00
mcupcake01 Black Spider Web Cupcakes $12.00
msup63 Blades for your Craft Knife NEW! $4.25
m1-48teaset05 Blue 1:48 Tea Pot Set $28.00
mwcak04 Blue 3 Tier Wedding Cake $48.00
mfcak03 Blue and Green Flower Cake $25.00
mscak29 Blue Draped Lace Cake w/Blue Roses $28.00
mfcak08 Blue Flower Cake $25.00
mfcak09 Blue Flower Cake w/White Hearts and Pink Roses $25.00
mcupcake12 Blue Gem Flower Cupcakes $10.00
mbdaycak05 Blue Happy Birthday Cake w/Pink Roses $26.00
nohole07 Blue Moonstone Pearl no-hole Beads $2.00
m1-48teaset10 Blue Snowman Tea Set $28.00
mcupcake10 Blue Sprinkle $10.00
msup33 Blue Tea Set Paper Plates $1.50
mcupcake03 BOO Cupcakes $12.00
msup61 Bottles with Stainless Steel Pins NEW! $0.00
mold38 Brand New! 1:12 Ice Cream Cone Mold $18.00
mold37 Brand New! 1:12 Ice Cream Mold $18.00
mold40 Brand New! 1:48 Ice Cream Cone Mold $15.00
mold41 Brand New! 1:48 Ice Cream Mold $15.00
mold39 Brand New! Starfish and Sand Dollar Mold $24.00
mchee03 Brie Cheese on Round Marble Cutting Board $12.00
mcupcake22 Brown Bear Cupcakes $10.00
msup11 Brown Frosting $8.00
m1-48teaset08 Brown Ghost Tea Set $28.00
bunka12 Bunka Bobbin Spool Box $3.00
mcupeaster01 Bunny Cupcakes $12.00
doilie95 Butterfly Antique Laser Cut Doily #95 $1.50
msup31 Butterfly Paper Plates $1.50
breadmoldspecial Buy all 3 New Bread Molds and Save $6.00 $60.00
cakehouseclub Cake House Classes Bi-Monthly Club ~ Classes $125.00
mscak27 Cake w/2 Spider Webs $25.00
laserlace11 Candles with Holly Laser Lace NEW! $0.00
msup24 Candy Cane Paper Plates $1.50
mxcak20 Candy Cane Sprinkles Cake $28.00
mxcak19 Candy Cane Sprinkles Cake w/2 slices $34.00
mcupcake36 Candy Cane Sprinkles Cupcakes $10.00
mscak36 Candy Heart Cake $30.00
mscak38 Candy Heart Cake w/2 slices $32.00
mold73 Candy Heart Mold NEW! $16.00
laskithouse04 Castle Accessory Pack $15.00
laskithouse03 Castle Kit $20.00
pykit05 Chest with Gold & Jewels $8.00
m1-48din06 Chili with Corn Bread and Honey $12.00
miceb10 Chocolate And Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream in a Bowl $8.00
m1-48swc09 Chocolate Cake with Pink Rose $18.00
m1-48swc05 Chocolate Carrot Cake $22.00
micec03 Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream w/ Cherry on Top $10.00
mlogcake02 Chocolate Log Roll Cake w/Red Rose $15.00
mscak12 Chocolate Lover's Cake $24.00
mold88 Chocolate Mice Mold~ All Scales NEW! $16.00
mscak20 Chocolate Pumpkin Cake $28.00
mscak22 Chocolate Pumpkin Cake w/slices and ice cream $32.00
mscak11 Chocolate Shell Cake $22.00
mcupcake11 Chocolate Spider Web Cupcakes $12.00
micec01 Chocolate Sundae with a Cherry on Top $10.00
class12 Christmas Cake House Class ~ December 5, 2020 $0.00
class14 Christmas Candies Cane Class ~ All Scales~ Nov 22, 2020 $70.00
doilie151 Christmas Flower Doily #151 $2.00
msup47 Christmas Frosting Set $23.00
doilie141 Christmas Green Laser Cut Doily #141 $2.00
msup21 Christmas Green Striped Pastry Stand $8.00
cupplat02 Christmas Holly Cupcake Display $55.00
msup23 Christmas Holly Paper Plates $1.50
m1-48plat01 Christmas Log Roll Platter $25.00
mslcak06 Christmas Platter $25.00
mxcak06 Christmas Red Lace Cake w/red & white roses $24.00
doilie140 Christmas Red Laser Cut Doily #140 $2.00
msup20 Christmas Red Pastry Stand $8.00
m1-48bak03 Christmas Sprinkle Cupcakes $10.00
mcupcake23 Christmas Tree Cupcakes $10.00
laserlace15 Christmas Trees #2 Laser Lace NEW! $0.00
laserlace16 Christmas Trees with Stars #3 Laser Lace NEW! $0.00
nohole05 Cocoa Pearl no-hole Beads $2.00
clubkit01 Coffee Table Kits in 3 scales NEW! $0.00
msup30 Color Bears Paper Plates $1.50
mcupckit02 Complete Cupcake Emporium Kit $225.00
msup49 Complete Set of 6 Dark Frostings $44.00